books for
burning it all down
planting seeds in the ashes
becoming rooted
breaking the attention economy
reenchanting the earth
books for hoping
beyond the end of the world

Accepting Submissions: Cars Against Humanity!

Submissions open for Cars Against Humanity, a volume of nonfiction pieces which aims to illuminate the many ways in which cars, and the infrastructure built to support them, constrict (human) life.

The cover of Extinction, A Radical History features many turtles in the style of Ernst Haeckel, but one turtle is missing; only a white turtle-shaped hole remains.

SE Reads: Extinction, A Radical History

Dawson’s account of capitalist development as driver of extinction can account for why rates of human-caused extinction differ so dramatically across time and space. It’s a feel-bad story…

shows a detailed illustration from an old botany book of the open flower of the toda panna

Thinking with Plants, a syllabus

Are plants people? Do they talk? Do they “do things?” Do they have a politics of their own and, if so, how can human beings come to grips with it?

An interview with Isela Xospa

(English & español) The author and illustrator talks with us about some of the topics dearest to our hearts: place, books, plants, food, and language revitalization.

A colorful display of zines, with their covers facing the reader

why we ♡ zines

Zines help us shake off the guilt that tends to pervade our relationship to books these days: “I should read more, but I never have time.” Oh, come on: you totally have time for that little zine with its inviting…

medieval illuminated manuscript showing a deer, a person, a rabbit,, a boar (?) and a woman in a red shawl standing holding hands and looking at a man playing a lyre

Our Friends

Here is an always-growing list of the presses we stan. Will they ever love us back? Who knows, but order direct from them regardless…