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In cuacuahueh tzatzahtzini / La vaca chillona

Grownups and kids alike can enjoy spooky season with this bilingual (Spanish/Nahuatl – no English) illustrated folktale from Milpa Alta, in which Florencio has to unravel a mystery involving ghostly guts, chatty cattle, and a priest with a strange magic powder…. The Spanish text is perfect for early readers, and the parallel Nahuatl text is a great learning resource for beginning students.

“This is the second volume in the collection Tell me how Milpa Alta used to be. Its goal is to contribute to the preservation of the words of our ancestors. Let’s remember that, as long as a language lives on, its particular way of looking at the world lives on too.”

Text and illustrations by Isela Xospa, with translation by Rudolf van Zantwijk.

Children's paperback


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A cow cries, standing beneath a cloud. It has a bird on its head.
In cuacuahueh tzatzahtzini / La vaca chillona