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Learn American

Our Learn American series celebrates the vast range of languages, slangs, community vocabularies, and other systems of signs that we use to talk to one another in the “Americas.” Helping efforts to revitalize Native languages is a special focus of ours, but we also have titles in preparation on topics from arborglyphs to sports talk.

If you know of a book about an American language that’s out of print or difficult to come by, let us know! We consider publishing new editions of older works as part of this series.

Guidelines for Authors

Books in this series are geared towards adult readers (we distro language books for children.)

Language textbooks are meant to provide a fairly comprehensive overview of the language; they are not phrasebooks or dictionaries. They will ideally include most of the following elements:

  1. An introduction, which should contain background on the community of language speakers
  2. A grammar
  3. Practice exercises
  4. Readings in the language
  5. An extensive glossary

Books about lingos, slangs, non-linguistic sign systems, etc. may contain a mix of description, interpretive essay, glossary, and examples or exercises.