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The Encyclopedia of Rootical Folklore

OUT MAY 8th, 2024

This A–Z treasury of story and verse follows plants across Africa and the diaspora as they help humans heal, create, and celebrate. A baobab tree misses his old friend Birago Diop, a poet of the Négritude movement. Basil comes to the rescue for a woman who’s had a rough day. On moonlit evenings in a square in Kingston, kids gather round a Rasta elder to hear
tales of dates, guava, and the orishas linked to each plant.

The 88 entries, each accompanied by botanical information, blend age-old lore and modern sensibility to bring the plants of Africa and the Caribbean to life. Includes a glossary,
multilingual species index, and references.

May 8, 2024
Hardcover (case laminate)
336 pages


The Encyclopedia of Rootical Folklore: Plant Tales from Africa and the Diaspora, by Natty Mark Samuels is a dark green book featuring an illustration of a plant with yellow flowers and a prominent reddish-brown root, by the artist Bienvenue Fotso
The Encyclopedia of Rootical Folklore