books for
burning it all down
planting seeds in the ashes
becoming rooted
breaking the attention economy
reenchanting the earth
books for hoping
beyond the end of the world

Refaat Al-Areer

From Wikipedia:

Refaat Alareer (Arabic: رفعت العرعير, romanizedRifaʿat al-ʿAriʿīr; 23 September 1979 – 6 December 2023) was a Palestinian writer, poet, professor, and activist from the Gaza Strip.

Alareer was born in Gaza City in 1979 during the Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip, which he said had negatively influenced every move and decision he made. On 6 December 2023, Alareer was killed in an Israeli airstrike in northern Gaza, along with his brother, brother’s son, sister, and her three children, during the 2023 Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip. The Euro-Med Monitor released a statement saying that Alareer was apparently deliberately targeted, “surgically bombed out of the entire building”, and [the bombing] came after weeks of “death threats that Refaat received online and by phone from Israeli accounts.”