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Accepting Submissions: Cars Against Humanity!

Submissions are open for Cars Against Humanity, a volume of nonfiction pieces which aims is to illuminate the many ways in which cars, and the infrastructure built to support them, constrict (human) life.

We want the essays in this volume to help readers understand the deadly automotive ecologies that have emerged around the world over the past century.  Because we expect this anthology to provoke as wide as possible a discussion about whether the sacrifices we’ve made for cars are worth it, we especially welcome:

  • submissions that address the peculiarities of a local transit culture
  • submissions by people who don’t think of themselves as writers or scholars
  • submissions from authors outside the global North

Although essays may contain a personal element, contributions should focus on description and exploration of the anti-life ecology created by cars.

We’re not looking for: essays on carbon emissions and global warming (this volume will focus on local ecologies), personal stories about driver-caused death and injury (unless such stories are situated as part of a broader ecological analysis), essays written by cars pretending to be people.

Topics might include:

  • roadkill disposal work
  • body-car encounters
  • how cars change laws
  • highway geographies and urban segregation
  • cars and masculinities
  • the impact of cars and roads on multi-species worlds
  • automobile soundscapes vs. avian soundscapes
  • asphalt economies
  • animal/human mobilities and disabilities vs. automobilities
  • the ineffable romance of being stuck in traffic
  • cars as housing
  • animals living in or destroying cars

…and many others we haven’t thought of.

Word count:

500-4500 words per piece.


$50 flat fee upon acceptance; royalties split among contributors; 1 contributor copy.

Read our guidelines for general submissions here.