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burning it all down
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beyond the end of the world

Madre Tierra

Muchacha Fanzine #13

This is the thirteenth issue of of Muchacha Fanzine, a radically intersectional decolonial Native Xicana Feminist publication edited by Daisy Salinas. “Madre Tierra” centers Xicana, Feminist, Indigenous, and Queer perspectives on the environmental crisis. Salinas writes:

While the oppressors in power harm & exploit the planet & all its inhabitants, people of color have always been on the frontlines of the struggle for environmental justice but we are not always heard. In an effort to center the importance of our voices, this 52-page issue features work by a variety of talented writers & artists of color from around the world!

Topics & themes include environmental racism, ecofeminism, anticapitalism, decolonizing science, indigenous technologies, murder of environmental defenders, man-made disasters, sustainability, animal justice, healing, & more.

Beautiful cover art by the legendary Judithe Hernández.

Staple-bound zine
52 pages
5.5" x 8.5"


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Madre Tierra